Tricks All Designers Use to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

With just a few expert tweaks and no major décor investments, you can upgrade your bedroom in time for a weekend staycation. These expert-approved styling tricks prove you don’t have to spend big to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Layer Pillows

According to interior designers, a considered bed is always topped with a handful of precisely layered accent pillows. Practical pillows, the ones you sleep on a night, should sit propped against the bed head, overlaid with decorative pillows in height order.

Layer Pillows

Style Clutter

Keeping a bedroom mess-free can feel like an insurmountable task, so it’s lucky that “organized clutter” is the design trend of the moment. The key is knowing how to distinguish between good clutter and bad. Good clutter is stacks of books and magazines, art resting up against the wall, or bedside table trays filled with objects. Bad clutter is dirty clothes on the floor, unopened mail and paperwork, and unmanaged electrical cords.

Deal with good messes by styling key areas like a bookcase or nightstand and tackle unnecessary messes by making the most of hidden storage.

Style Clutter

Upgrade Lampshades

Looking for an affordable way to give existing décor a fresh look? Experts say replacing lampshades is a simple way to give your bedroom a look luxe for less. Chances are the ready-made lamp you choose comes with a basic, uninspired shade, so upgrading it can have a big impact. The shade can really make or break the lamp. Therefore, opt for color or a cool fabric choice and choose a shade that’s taller than expected.


Redistribute Artwork

Artwork is made to be seen, so it’s understandable that we often hang our favorite pieces in social areas of the house, like the living room. If your bedroom is lacking in art, that’s letting the space down. Don’t overlook hanging some of your favorite artwork in your bedroom! Just because it’s a private space doesn’t mean you should only display the best pieces in the living room where guests will see it. Instead, redistribute the artworks in the house and experiment with one statement piece positioned over the bedhead for maximum impact.


Style the Nightstand

Accessorizing a bedroom is a skill! And experts say “less is more.” A common mistake is overloading nightstands with unnecessary items. Too many accessories can become clutter in an instant.  But a few key items that tie into the color scheme can instantly elevate a space. Nightstands don’t need much, but if you do want a clock, dish to throw your jewelry in, or some other personal items you must have bedside, then pick ones that are beautiful and worthy of spending the night with. Function should be dressed in style—always.


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