The Art of Displaying Art – In small Spaces!!

The Art of Displaying Art – In small Spaces!!

Small and compact spaces present a great opportunity to create warmth and personality. While designing smaller spaces , you have to take advantage of every inch including your walls. Adorning your walls with art will create a dynamic interior. Art is a reflection of your style, creates drama, tells a story, make moments happen and helps to create an illusion of something bigger, even in a small area.


We’ve rounded up the best ideas and the most stylish techniques to incorporate art in your small space.

Think Big

Artwork in a space is an element that creates warmth and something which can visually expand a room. Make a statement – try juxtaposing minimalistic furniture with dramatic work.

Mr. & Mrs. Owls


Mr. & Mrs. Owls

Create A Window

Bring paradise to your home like a window to the forest, mountains or beach and get transported to your favorite gateway. This will also help in opening up the room.

Beach Play

Beach Play


Showcase in unassuming spots

Beauty in art is enhanced when we place art in those unassuming corners and layer them. A Bold piece can go on the floor of your bedroom, incorporate small pieces on the bookshelf. Also, layering the artwork adds depth to the room and takes care of the extra white space that can make your expensive console or coffee table look lonely.

Mr. & Mrs. Parrot

Mr. & Mrs. Parrot


Exaggerate the size of the frames

In small settings when you use large frames, it prevents wall art looking cluttered. Mix it with larger works to give more depth to the wall.

Birdy frames

Birdy Frames


Vertical Display

Artwork with vertical lines adds to the illusion of height in a room. This gets accentuated when art is stacked with other pieces.


Countryside Wall Art


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