TOUCH OF LIGHT - Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design for 2017

TOUCH OF LIGHT – Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design for 2017

Interior lighting is a central aspect of your home’s design. You can manipulate your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use.  Lighting design also changes from room to room.  What works in the living room will not necessarily work in the kitchen or the bedroom. The lighting has to reflect the functions and feel of each space. Like any other part of interior décor, lighting design keeps changing. Technology is one reason for these changes. As manufacturers come up with advanced fixtures and bulbs, homeowners incorporate them into their homes. Tastes and preferences also change with generations. That is why we have vintage lighting, Art Deco, Mid-century Modern and so [...]

How to Curate + Hang a Gallery Wall like a Pro

Creating a gallery wall in your home is such a unique and creative way to show of your personality and to showcase art and photos that mean a lot to you. We’ve enlisted few quick tips on how to curate and hang the perfect gallery wall.   Ways to Curate an Art Collection 1.  Choose Something You Love This has to be the number one reason right? Art should inspire you and make your space a better place. The piece has to speak to you and it's a great starting point. 2.  Pick A Theme If you haven't found a print you love.  Find a theme.  Art is supposed to be inspiring.  It should be something that makes you feel something, and make your space a [...]


Want to know what the biggest interior design trends will be in 2017? Prepare for a bright year filled with cheery bright colors mixed prints and motifs. Take inspiration and start planning your next home decor projects! BRIGHT GREEN This is the cheery shade of green you’ll see in home decor, fashion and commercial design […]
The Art of Displaying Art – In small Spaces!!

The Art of Displaying Art – In small Spaces!!

Small and compact spaces present a great opportunity to create warmth and personality. While designing smaller spaces , you have to take advantage of every inch including your walls. Adorning your walls with art will create a dynamic interior. Art is a reflection of your style, creates drama, tells a story, make moments happen and […]
Gold Rush Blog

We are on a “Gold Rush”!

With the end of the summer Olympic Games – we have also day-dreamt of getting a “Slice of Gold” !!  Metallic have consistently been our favorite décor trends with its reflective warmth and decidedly glam vibe. Inviting a few stylish metallic furnishings or decorative accessories to the party instantly pumps up the sparkle & drama […]
Home Décor Trends

Home Décor Trends for 2016 – Our Pick!

We start our first blog inspired by the trends which are doing the rounds on the global décor space. We are keen to discover what is hot (and what’s not)? 2016 so far has been a seriously stylish one, with Scandinavian-inspired design, and neutrals having a big, big moment. If you are looking to redecorate your house […]