Inspired by the Sea

Inspired by the Sea

Just because your home sits along the coast doesn’t mean you have to mimic your surroundings. By all means, let all the salt-infused light inside, but the seashells can stay in the sand.

Coastal interiors can be achieved in your house by playing with the colours of the sky, sea and sand to form a dreamy coastal theme. Bring the themes of the seaside into your house and channel coastal chic with soft furnishings in calming whites, washed-out denim and cool shades of blue. A weathered, faded look is the essence of coastal interiors. Choose a whitewashed colour scheme for a décor filled with space and light.

Browse through these graceful shabby chic retreats for ideas and inspiration.

Pops of Turquoise/Blue

Mixing deep-blue hues with coastal patterns gives these wall arts an eclectic look perfect for living rooms, offices or entryways. Add this accent color to unexpected places to bring the tranquility of the calm ocean waters inside.

Nautical Linen

These linen coastal pillows are a great way to easily welcome summer and a coastal aesthetic into your home.

Dine with Coastal Flair

These stoneware tabletops are decorated with sea life themes which blend beautifully with coastal decor. Each piece features a varied hand painted pattern in a vibrant blue hues, ideal for adding a splash of color to your dining table.

Toes in the Sand

An eclectic mix of distressed furniture and crisp white accents can create the casual elegance of a refined yet shabby space. To create a casual, beachy feel in your space, mix various furniture styles (rustic, cottage or contemporary) and materials (rattan, polyester, cotton or linen).

Coastal Lighting

Inspired by the island of “Capri”, Rain & Peacock’s” Capri” chandelier will transport you to unmatched world of regal charm and coastal living. It employs strands of maple wood beads instead of traditional glass or crystal to define its graceful shape from top to bottom and from arm to arm giving you perfect beachy vibes.

Natural Additions

Cozy texture and tropical spirit make woven accessories the perfect addition to this laid-back style. Add more rattan, bamboo and natural fiber accents.

These quick tips will surely enhance the natural beauty of your home with our beach-inspired decorating ideas.

Which of these coastal interiors inspired you most?

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