How to Make a Space Look Expensive on Any Budget

How to Make a Space Look Expensive on Any Budget

Making a small space look high-end when you’re only starting out and have a limited budget can be a hard goal to achieve. When left to their own devices, people often choose to either wait until they can afford to decorate to update their space—or they go the opposite route and sprint to the nearest furniture retailer to update everything at once and run a large credit card bill. While neither option is ideal, it’s also hard to make design decisions in a snap when you’re not looking to spend a lot.

These tips from us are a proof that you can get posh style without a steep price tag.

Buy frames in bulk

Art makes a home feel more personal and intentional, and coordinating/matching frames can make museum postcards, children’s art, menus saved from meaningful meals, and photo booth strips look gallery-worthy. If you find a cheap frame you love, buy as many as you can afford and add/switch out art whenever you’re in the mood.


Pick a palette, and stick with it.

Commit to a unified palette, add affordable coordinating pieces whenever you come across them, and keep everything looking totally intentional and chic.

How to Make a Space Look Expensive on Any Budget

Reupholster old furniture

Believe in the power of antiques and hand-me-down pieces, but maintain that you have to make them work in your space. “Upholster something in a fabric other than gray, taupe, or black”. Switch out the chairs in the room. When pieces aren’t high-end quality antiques, lacquer them. If you have a chair or a sofa that has a skirt on it—don’t put the skirt back on when you reupholster it. Let the legs show—it instantly adds a more modern appeal to a piece.”



A Great Rug (that’s the right size)

It can be tough, mentally, to get over the hurdle of spending so much for something just to walk all over it. But a properly sized rug really does change a room. And if it’s something you love and take care of, you could have it for many more apartments to come.


Add New Pieces

If you have a dark set of upholstered furniture, and you have a dark hardwood coffee table, get rid of the coffee table and find a great brass coffee table that you can add to your space to make it feel updated. Focus on constantly adding new pieces.

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Invest In a Timeless Sofa

It’s important to slowly update pieces without doing everything at once, there is one piece that we considers worth splurging on above all else. “A comfortable sofa—a beautiful and classic sofa that you can upholster time and again without ever tiring of.”


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