How to decorate your coffee table


Want to give your living room an easy update?

These decorating tips from using a tray to arranging a collection will show you how to get a chic, stylish look for your coffee table.  Our coffee table decorating tips will help you create a perfectly styled look like a pro.

Start With a Tray

It’s really the foundation for a chic coffee table. Whether you want to display knick knacks or just need a spot for TV remotes, a tray will make whatever you place on the table look neat and polished.

Maintain Balance

Nothing makes for a cluttered surface faster than a large collection of small knick-knacks. Contrastingly, displaying only large items can look heavy and cumbersome. To keep your coffee table balanced, vary the scale of display items and stack or group like objects together.

Pile Pretty Books

They’re called coffee table books for a reason. Pick ones with bright covers and bold lettering, and vary the height of the stacks for an effortless style.

Treat Yourself to Fresh Flowers

Give your room an inviting touch by buying real blooms when you entertain.


Create Varying Heights

Because trays and tabletops are horizontal, playing with the height of your accent pieces will add extra interest. Try a tall orchid or tapered candles to mimic this look.

Add Metallic Accents

Gold, brass, and silver have a way of instantly elevating any space, but metallics won’t overpower your room when they’re showcased on just your coffee table.

Go Green

The coffee table is the perfect setting for a small, low-maintenance plant. Set it right in the center for an organic, fuss-free way to bring life into your space.

Glass Bottles

Place glass bottles — all the same material, and in a similar color way, but with different shapes — catch the filtered light.



Add mood and dimension to a flat surface. Candles can help break up a coffee table’s sheer size. Go flameless if you have children or pets for a worry-free display.

Gold & Turtle trays

Styling a coffee table should be simple, easy and created with what you love!!!  What are your favorite things to use when you style a coffee table?

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