How to Curate + Hang a Gallery Wall like a Pro

Creating a gallery wall in your home is such a unique and creative way to show of your personality and to showcase art and photos that mean a lot to you.

We’ve enlisted few quick tips on how to curate and hang the perfect gallery wall.


Ways to Curate an Art Collection

1.  Choose Something You Love

This has to be the number one reason right? Art should inspire you and make your space a better place. The piece has to speak to you and it’s a great starting point.

2.  Pick A Theme

If you haven’t found a print you love.  Find a theme.  Art is supposed to be inspiring.  It should be something that makes you feel something, and make your space a better place.  So if there’s something that lifts you for example, the beaches of Hawaii, then that’s a good place to start.

3.  Think About Size

An obvious consideration, but sometimes not so easy to do.  Think about the size of the wall the art will hang and the entire space within the room.  A good guideline is, if it’s a small wall, then go for the correct scale.  Don’t pick too large, nor too small.  Think about furniture placing and where it will be within those restrictions.

4.  Choose A Color Scheme

Just as you wouldn’t mix clashing colors together with your textiles within a room (unless you’re going for a bohemian look); the same with art within a room.  Another obvious consideration, but if you happen to be choosing a collection of pieces together, it’s nice to have that prerogative.

5.  Mix Things Up

Although not always the case,  to add interest to a gallery, it’s nice if you can mix things up from different sizes as well as the medium like photography, illustrations, paintings and graphics.

6.  Remain The Same

The other option is to go with all the same size, or all the same type of medium (eg. all black and white or all colour photograph), and all the same types of frames. This also works.

7.  Start From Scratch

If you are starting a gallery from scratch, one way to look at buying art is to digitally create your gallery first.  This is a great way to look at your collection of all of the pieces together.



What you’ll need:

– Hammer

– Roll of Paper

– Scissors

– Level

– Tape

– Tape Measure

– Hooks & Nails

– Pencil

– Art


How to hang the gallery wall:

– Compose the artwork on the ground to determine your desired composition

– Create paper cutouts of the frames: lay your frames out on paper, trace around the outside, and cut out the shapes. Make sure to note which cutout goes to each frame.

– Locate hook location. Hold wire taught and measure from top edge to center point of the wire. Make a mark on the cutout where the hook catches the wire.

– Tape cutouts to the wall with painters tape mimicking the arrangement on the floor

– Hammer hooks in where indicated on paper, remove cutouts, and hang frames.


And there you have it! You now have a beautiful gallery display that will be a great focal point in your home. Any questions, folks?

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