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Home Décor Trends for 2016 – Our Pick!

We start our first blog inspired by the trends which are doing the rounds on the global décor space. We are keen to discover what is hot (and what’s not)? 2016 so far has been a seriously stylish one, with Scandinavian-inspired design, and neutrals having a big, big moment. If you are looking to redecorate your house or freshen up – there are things to try in your own home from painting walls to total room revamping to new light fixtures. Do you have any in your house or have one on your list to try?


What’s in


At Rain & Peacock, we believe Scandinavian inspired minimalism is having A Moment. You should bring in the less-is more approach to interiors by ditching the clutter and reining in a new minimal order. Incorporate it by using sparkling white furniture and walls and light colored wood.

Sweet talk coffee table (2)

Add natural sophistication to your dining space with this beautiful Dining Table in pure oak Wood.

Wire Cubbies shelf

Big on charm and innovation, these Wire Mesh Cubbies with Wood Top keep things organized and pretty by the entry.


Sweet Talk Coffee Table , Wire Cubbies Shelf


Black & White

Let’s be honest – who does not love “Monochrome Styling”? The classic beauty of black & white has been used in a variety of architecture’s  across varying eras and has been the foundation for so many amazing interiors and it’s not hard to see why.

Horse ride tabletop decor

Meticulously carved from resin, this rocking horse has the aged, comfortable look of an heirloom piece.

Old world globe wall art

Less is more with the sophisticatedly sleek Globes canvas art print. A feat of minimalist design, this print features globes.


Horse Ride Décor , Old World Globe Wall Art


Rustic Kitchens

We all want our kitchen’s to mimic and take us back to the provincial style of farm-to- table wherein we are drifted to a quiet country life. Modern, Rustic Kitchens will be our picks.

Ahoy mates Kitchen Island

Inspire your kitchen creativity with a work station you’ll adore.

Bread board

The classic breadboard is stylishly reinvented as a wall-mounted spice shelf with utensil hooks.


Ahoy Mates! Kitchen Island , Bread Board


Statement Art

The gallery wall is not going anywhere but the minimalistic trend has gained in a lot of popularity. The newest trick is to feature one really big statement piece.

Vintage Inspired wall art

Inject some old-world industrial charm into your home with this old world map on your wall.


parrot wall art

Exhibiting the exquisite, subtle details and natural hues found in an antique illustration, this is an engaging artwork pair.

Vintage Inspired Wall Art , Mr. & Mrs. Parrot Wall Art



Metallic’s have been riding high and show no sign of slowing down. Warm metals like copper and gold along with bronze and rose tones have been trending. Now is the time to bring in a little shimmer into your home!!

cart to bar

An antiqued gold finish makes this a strikingly stylish bar cart, perfect for welcoming guests.

Glint Light

It’s got texture. It’s got timeless appeal. It’s even got elegance. We’re convinced the Glint Pendant is a stunning find in virtually any décor style.

Cart to Bar , Glint Light


Statement Lighting

Don’t let size intimidate you. Large, bold lighting choices are becoming the focal point of a room. Go make your choice and get your own show-stopper!!

San jose chandelier

We love it when traditional design gets an earthy update. This chandelier is perfect to add a bit of eclectic whimsy to the entire space.

Florence chandelier

This large lantern style chandelier features a sleek shade of golden circles around a 2 tier cluster of candle lights for a striking statement in a two story foyer or vaulted ceiling room.


San Jose Chandelier , Florence Chandelier

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