This Is How Your Living Room Should Look, According to Your Age

This Is How Your Living Room Should Look, According to Your Age

First, let us preface the following by saying age is just a number, and we certainly don't want to discourage you from a purchase based on your year of birth. But while you should technically be able to style your home however you want with whatever you want, your style does inevitably vary each decade. The truth is, things change and every stage of your life is met with different needs, wants, and challenges. For instance, decorating in your 20s is usually limited by budget (or the tastes of your roommate), while your 30s and 40s are often met with the practical demands of a growing family.   To kick things off, we're starting with the home's pride and joy: the living room. So if you've just rolled over into [...]
How to decorate your home this Diwali

How to decorate your home this Diwali

It's that time of year again. The time to drag down the dusty box from the attic marked "Diwali" that's filled with broken ornaments, tangled lights and gilded accents that we dutifully place around the home in their prescribed festive spots. But what if this year, our Diwali décor looked, well, updated? If you're feeling the festive spirit too, then it's officially time to set the mood and create a space where memories can be made. It is possible to style a home without the classic ornaments and still fill it up with festive cheer. To find out how, follow these festive décor trend predictions along with a few tips on how to style it yourself at home (without denting your [...]
TOUCH OF LIGHT - Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design for 2017

TOUCH OF LIGHT – Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design for 2017

Interior lighting is a central aspect of your home’s design. You can manipulate your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use.  Lighting design also changes from room to room.  What works in the living room will not necessarily work in the kitchen or the bedroom. The lighting has to reflect the functions and feel of each space. Like any other part of interior décor, lighting design keeps changing. Technology is one reason for these changes. As manufacturers come up with advanced fixtures and bulbs, homeowners incorporate them into their homes. Tastes and preferences also change with generations. That is why we have vintage lighting, Art Deco, Mid-century Modern and so [...]

Tricks All Designers Use to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Style Clutter Keeping a bedroom mess-free can feel like an insurmountable task, so it’s lucky that “organized clutter” is the design trend of the moment. The key is knowing how to distinguish between good clutter and [...]
How to decorate your coffee table


Maintain Balance Nothing makes for a cluttered surface faster than a large collection of small knick-knacks. Contrastingly, displaying only [...]

How to Curate + Hang a Gallery Wall like a Pro

Creating a gallery wall in your home is such a unique and creative way to show of your personality and to showcase art and photos that mean a lot to you. We’ve enlisted few quick tips on how to curate and hang the perfect gallery wall.   Ways to Curate an Art Collection 1.  Choose Something You Love This has to be the number one reason right? Art should inspire you and make your space a better place. The piece has to speak to you and it's a great starting point. 2.  Pick A Theme If you haven't found a print you love.  Find a theme.  Art is supposed to be inspiring.  It should be something that makes you feel something, and make your space a [...]